Shawns 2016 GMC Terrain

This is my 2016 GMC Terrain.

The Terrain is in my favorite color... Red.


Sitting at the showroom, the day I bought her. I got $1500 off the price because it has the V6... Everyone wants these with the 4 banger for the economy. I wanted the 6, and I'll take the extra

Got her in my posession, and of course, went to the usual picture spots in the two state parks right next to the house... Already getting ideas in my

It came with the optional 10 speaker pioneer sound system, plays USB, has a sub in the rear, and sounds teriffic! This bad boy looks great at night!

All red LED lighting, with the exception of the gauge lights. Everything else, and I mean even the cupholders, is red. The sister to the Terrain, is the Chevy Equinox. It has teal lighting.

Added my little doggie... He's been with me for a LOT of my cars. He found a spot on the radio shield....

The little V6.. Why everyone wants the 4 is beyond me. This puppy makes out 302 hp... No complaints from me, even with the AWD. Gets 6 mpg better than the old Envoy.

The mod bug has started... Notice the front tinted windows?

More to come soon!